Time to Talk games/ worksheets

Photocopiable supplementaries for Shane textbooks, but useable with many other courses. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 13 July 2020

Time to Talk Yellow games/ worksheets

Personal questions with be speaking (Time to Talk Yellow S Lesson 1)

Adverbs of frequency and times dice bluffing game (Time to Talk Yellow S Lesson 2)

Adverbs of frequency and likes/ dislikes guessing game (Time to Talk Yellow S Units 1 to 4) – NEW

Travel plans bluffing game (describing places and future tenses, Time to Talk Yellow A Lesson 5)

Time to Talk Blue games/ worksheets

Should and should have things in common (Time to Talk Blue A Units 16 and 17) – NEW

Time to Talk Pink games/ worksheets

Likes and dislikes guessing game (Time to Talk Pink Unit 14)

Time to Talk Navy games/ worksheets

Fear vocabulary and discussion (Time to Talk Navy S Lesson 3)

Indirect questions extended speaking practice (Time to Talk Navy S Units 7 and 8) – NEW

Time to Talk Purple games/ worksheets

What’s it like? describing people and things bluffing game (Time to Talk Purple S Lessons 8 and 9)

Likes and dislikes and countable/ uncountable (Time to Talk Purple S Units 11 and 12)

Present Perfect and future forms sentence completion games (bluffing, guessing and things in common – Time to Talk Purple S Units 12 and 13) – NEW

Present Perfect and countable/ uncountable competition game (Time to Talk Purple Units 13 and 14)

Like and be like Xmas questions (Time to Talk Purple A Unit 18)

Other Time to Talk games/ worksheets

House and home likes, dislikes and recommendations