Time to Talk games/ worksheets

Time to Talk Yellow games/ worksheets

Personal questions with be speaking (Time to Talk Yellow S Lesson 1)

Travel plans bluffing game (describing places and future tenses, Time to Talk Yellow A Lesson 5)

Adverbs of frequency and times dice bluffing game (Time to Talk Yellow S Lesson 2)

Time to Talk Pink games/ worksheets

Likes and dislikes guessing game (Time to Talk Pink Unit 14)

Time to Talk Navy games/ worksheets

Fear vocabulary and discussion (Time to Talk Navy S Lesson 3)

Time to Talk Purple games/ worksheets

What’s it like? describing people and things bluffing game (Time to Talk Purple S Lessons 8 and 9)

Likes and dislikes and countable/ uncountable (Time to Talk Purple S Units 11 and 12)

Like and be like Xmas questions (Time to Talk Purple A Unit 18) – NEW

Other Time to Talk games/ worksheets

House and home likes, dislikes and recommendations