Good and bad behaviour robot Pictionary/ mimes

1. The robots are fighting

2. The robot is listening

3. The robot is running

4. The robot is pushing a girl

5. The robot is pulling my hair

6. The robot is standing on the table

7. The robot is sitting under the table

8. The robot is cleaning the whiteboard

9. The robot is standing up straight

10. The robots are standing in a line

11. The robot is putting its hand up

12. The robot is putting its leg up

13. The robot is kicking the table

14. The robot is cutting some paper

15. The robot is colouring a drawing

16. The robot is colouring the table

17. The robot is cutting my hand

Teacher’s instructions

Read out a sentence from above, write it on the board, draw it, or give out the worksheet and call out a number. The first person to shout out correctly whether that thing is good or bad to do in class gets a point, with points for being able to remember what you said (or make the sentence of what you drew) and mime it.


PDF for easy saving and printing: GoodAndBadBehaviourPictionary

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