Comparative adjectives How questions personality quizzes

Which personality comparative adjectives do you think the following questions are testing?

1. Who uses more calories when they sing a karaoke song?

2. Who sleeps more hours every night?

3. Who waits longer if a friend is late?

4. Who says please and thank you more times in a day?

5. Who uses their diary more often?

6. Who says no more times before they change their mind?

7. Who thinks they will be earning more money in 10 years from now?

With your partner, predict who is more of each of the personality adjectives above and then ask and answer the questions to check (you will need to change the questions with “you” and “how often”, “how long”, “how much” or “how many”)

With your partner, choose more personality adjectives to test people on with questionnaire questions and write the questions in the spaces given below.

Get together with another group and ask them the questions. Can they guess which adjective you are testing them on, and do they agree on your analysis of who is more of each adjective?


PDF for easy saving and printing: comparativeshowqspersonality

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