Dependent prepositions pelmanism and snap

Face to Face Advanced Units 1A and 1B

Instructions for teachers

Note that the dependent prepositions on this worksheet at all from Face to Face Advanced and so you’ll probably want to change at least some of the cards if you are teaching a different level and/ or from a different textbook, but the games will work with all dependent prepositions and levels as long as you have enough of each group of card and the right number of categories.

Before starting the games, you might want to ask students to put all the cards into three columns by the preposition that they take. If they get stuck, tell them the three prepositions, tell them the number that should be in each category, and/ or give out a copy of the worksheets and tell them that the three categories are already grouped together so they just need to find where they change.


Dependent prepositions pelmanism/ pairs/ memory game

Students spread all the cards face down across the table and get one point for each pair they can find which have the same preposition missing. If the two cards have different words missing then they put them back face down in the same place.


Dependent prepositions snap

Students deal out all the cards but can’t look at the cards that they have. They take turns turning over the top card from their pack and race to shout out “Snap” if the last two cards to be turned over have the same preposition missing. If they are right, they get all the cards on the table. If they shout “Snap” when the last two cards don’t match, they have to give two cards to their partner(s) as punishment and they continue. The person who gets all the cards or has most cards at the end of the game wins.




Cards to cut up


______ of fashion



______ of touch


______ of control


______ of necessity



______ of habit


______ of your depth

Go ______ and see friends Trying ______ some of Carnegie’s suggestions



______ a regular basis

_____ the same wavelength



_______ purpose


_____ good terms


_______ average

Someone you could unload everything ___ to



_____ a day to day basis

Unburden all my worries ____ my family


He’s focusing _____ my hair ______ the way to a meeting
Running low _____ face cream



As I hurried ____ my way

He goes _____ about how powerful a smile is

______ the increase



Witter ______

Walk around with a scowl ____ their face

Keep ______ touch



Keep ____ contact


______ the long run


_____ phases


Confide _____ my friends  

Meet _____ a café

My mum would get _____ a flap


Genuinely interested _____ people  

Butt _____


PDF for easy saving and printing: Dependent prepositions pelmanism and snap

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4 Responses to Dependent prepositions pelmanism and snap

  1. paulwalsh says:

    Thanks Alex for the dependent prepositions resources – just what I need!


  2. K. Kennedy says:


    Is there an answer sheet?

  3. alexcase says:

    1. If you want additional help for free from a stranger in planning your lessons, I suggest you ask more politely
    2. If you don’t know the answers to these phrases, why on earth would you teach them to your students?

  4. eddy says:

    great answer, sir

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