Dependent prepositions SNAP/ Pelmanism

Face to Face Advanced Units 1A and 1B


______ of fashion



______ of touch


______ of control


______ of necessity



______ of habit


______ of your depth


Go ______ and see friends

Trying ______ some of Carnegie’s suggestions



______ a regular basis


_____ the same wavelength



_______ purpose


_____ good terms


_______ average

Someone who you could unload everything ____ to



_____ a day to day basis

Unburden all my worries ____ my family



He’s focusing _____ my hair

______ the way to a meeting

Running low _____ face cream



As I hurried ____ my way

He goes _____ about how powerful a smile is


______ the increase



Witter ______

Walk around with a scowl ____ their face


Keep ______ touch



Keep ____ contact


______ the long run


_____ phases



Confide _____ my friends


Meet _____ a café

My mum would get _____ a flap


Genuinely interested _____ people


Butt _____


PDF version for easy printing: Dependent prepositions SNAP


3 Responses to Dependent prepositions SNAP/ Pelmanism

  1. paulwalsh says:

    Thanks Alex for the dependent prepositions resources – just what I need!


  2. K. Kennedy says:


    Is there an answer sheet?

  3. alexcase says:

    1. If you want additional help for free from a stranger in planning your lessons, I suggest you ask more politely
    2. If you don’t know the answers to these phrases, why on earth would you teach them to your students?

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