Questions in different situations

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 1

Choose one of the situations below and ask your partner a typical question. After answering, they can have one guess about which situation you are thinking of. If they are wrong, ask another typical question for that situation.

Job interview

Sending a parcel at the post office

Arranging for removals men to come


Airport check in

Airport security check

Medical check up

Blind date/ speed dating

Dating agency

Joining a gym

Chatting with an old friend

Chitchat before a business meeting

Meeting your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s parents for the first time

Placement test for a language school

Police officer

Health and safety inspector

Office building security guard

Supermarket or department store security guard

Television chat show

Radio news interview

Speaking exam (e.g. IELTS Speaking)

Opening a new bank account

The taxman

Your accountant

A lawyer who is writing your will

A lawyer who is going to defend you

The prosecutor or judge in court

People who are thinking about buying or renting your house

Army recruitment officer

Spy hunter

A telephone questionnaire on work and leisure

What questions would you ask for the last one?

What do you think typical answers would be if the questionnaire was asked in your country?

How would the answers vary from country to country?

Read the text on page 8 and 9 and check


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Questions in different situations

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