A childhood memory extended speaking

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 2 page 19

Listen to your partner without interrupting them or asking questions and tick the topics below that they mention. When they run out of things to say, ask them about the topics that they missed.

 How old they were

 When it happened (season, time of day etc)

 The weather

 Where it happened and what that place looked like

 Who was there and what they looked like

 What they were wearing

 What was said

 What had happened before that time

 What was happening elsewhere at that time

 How they felt then

 How they feel now looking back

 Why they chose this memory to talk about

 Why it was an important or memorable event

 How well they remember it

 What details they have forgotten

 What details they remember best

 How often it comes to mind

 The last time they were reminded of this event

 What times or situations remind them of this event

 Things that have helped them remember that time, e.g. reminiscing with people who were there, photos or videos

 If anything similar happened to them at another time or not

 What they learnt from that experience

 How that experience affects their present life or attitudes

 What they would do differently if it happened again

 What might have happened if things had gone differently

 Who they have told this memory to before and their reactions


PDF for easy saving and printing: A childhood memory extended speaking

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