Ellipsis and substitution

Cutting Edge Advanced Module 10

Try to shorten the text below without removing any information.

Brittney Pringle, who is a nine-month-old baby who is from Perth, which is in Australia, made her parents rich the first moment Brittney Pringle spoke her first words. “Brittney gave us a couple of goo-goos and ga-gas and then Brittney blurted out the number 9, the number 12, the number 14, the number 22, the number 31 and the number 39,” says the proud mum of Brittney, who is called Dorcas Pringle. “My husband and I ran out of the house to the shops and bought the lottery ticket that had the numbers that our daughter said- and now our daughter Brittney is going to grow up to be an adult as the world’s youngest self-made millionaire. I can’t explain how my daughter chose the numbers that helped us win the lottery, but my husband and I are determined that Brittney is going to lead a normal life.”

Check your answers with Cutting Edge Advanced Workbook page 76


 PDF version for easy printing: ellipsis and substitution

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