Office vocabulary

Intelligent Business Pre-Intermediate Unit 2 Warmer Ask your partner a question about you that can be answered with a number, e.g. “How old am I?”, “How often do I go swimming?” etc. They should then ask you Yes/ No questions until they guess the right answer. If they get stuck, give them clues.

  Office vocabulary practice

  Choose one of the words below. Don’t tell the other students which one you have chosen. Answer questions they ask with “Yes” or “No” only until they guess which one it is.

 A roll of Sellotape  A date stamp A board marker/ water soluble marker A (permanent) marker
A security card/an ID card A CV (= curriculum vitae= resume)  A business card A desktop computer (=a PC)
 A guillotine  A laptop (computer)  An automatic pencil  A laminator
 A pair of scissors A bottle of Tippex (=Whiteout) A ballpoint pen (= biro)  A paper clip
 A ream of paper  A mouse A (computer) monitor  A pen tablet

A padded envelope

 A swivel chair  A highlighter(pen)  An A4 envelope
 An address book  A drawing pin  A box of staples  A pad of Post It notes
 A tube of glue  A wall calendar  A desk calendar  A diary
 A projector screen  A projector   A whiteboard  A water cooler
 A clipboard  A drawing pin  A noticeboard  A ruler
 A printer  A printer cartridge An automatic pencil lead  A name badge
 A piece of A3 paper  A catalogue  A leaflet/ flyer  A filing cabinet
 An A4 ring binder  An eraser  A piece of A4 paper  A clear folder
A photocopier (= a copy machine)  A staple  A stapler  A hole punch
A business card holder A (document) shredder A wastepaper basket (= bin = dustbox)  A rubber band

Continue the game, but this time using questions where the answer is a number, like these below:
How many of these are there in (your office)/ on (your desk)?
How long is it?
How thick is it?
How heavy is it?
How wide is it?
How high is it?
How much does it cost?
How often do you use it?

 Match ways of talking about numbers that mean the same:

Over                                                Precisely                                          More or less

Exactly                                            Approximately

About                                              More than

Almost                                             Just under

 Continue the game with other things in your office that are not written above If you have Intelligent Business Pre-Intermediate Skills Book, continue with Unit 2, page 12, Listening 3 and 4


 This worksheet is also available as an easily printable PDF file English for copy document office supplies

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