Quantifiers games, worksheets and songs

PDFs and teaching ideas for some, many, the majority, etc. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

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Too and enough games/ worksheets 

Teaching quantifiers article

How to teach quantifiers 

How to teach many, much, a lot of, etc 

Photocopiable quantifiers classroom activities

Talking about problems and solutions with quantifiers 

Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley quantifiers practice

Technology and quantifiers things in common

Your city and life Add quantifiers

Making uncountable nouns countable (“a packet of”, etc) – NEW LINK

Language problems with so, such, too and enough

Problems with some and any speaking

Determiners with countable and uncountable nouns

Problem hotels pairwork (some and any)

Some/ Any bananas code game

Environmental generalisations and recommendations (including ranking quantifiers, adverbs of frequency, and strong and weak recommendations)

Health and exercise generalisations and recommendations (ditto)

A report on weekends generalising practice (with quite a lot of quantifiers)

Solutions to countable and uncountable problems (with presentation of some, any, few, etc)

Countable and uncountable answer me (with presentation of none, a couple, etc)

Describing places countable and uncountable practice (with presentation of no, any, etc)

Countable and uncountable compare your days and weeks (with presentation of not many, about ten, etc)

Deciding on a buffet lunch countable and uncountable nouns roleplay meeting(with presentation of a dozen, quite a lot, a huge number of, etc)

Kitchen shopping countable and uncountable roleplay discussion (with presentation of a tub of, half a dozen, etc)

Setting up an office countable and uncountable discussion (with presentation of a huge amount of, one or two, etc)

Nature and the environment countable and uncountable (with practice of too few, too little, etc)

Travel and transport avoiding absolute statements (with ranked quantifiers)

Academic Writing tips generalising practice (including ranking quantifiers)

Hedging/ generalising phrases brainstorm into the gaps (including quantifiers)

Decide the amount Speaking activity (suitable for quantifiers practice, though none on the worksheet)

Household countable and uncountable nouns (ditto)

Much/ many restaurant roleplays Version 1

Much/ many restaurant roleplays Version 2

Quantifiers songs

Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley quantifiers practice

Too Much Love Will Kill You by Queen (too much, too many, no, none, every – link to the lyrics)

More suggestions for songs with quantifiers from Third Floor English

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