Ghosts storytelling vocabulary game

New Headway Pre-Intermediate Unit 12 pg 98/99

Tell a ghost story, taking turns with your partner(s). Use the vocabulary in at least one of the boxes below each time you take a turn.

Howl Creak Shadow Vampire
Fangs Bat(s) Blood Midnight
Thunder Lightning Shiver Scream
Chill Tomb/ grave Coffin Graveyard/ Cemetery
Voice(s) Exorcist/ Ghostbuster Cross/ Crucifix Trapped
Ghost Knock(ing)/ Tap(ping) Scratch(ing)/ Scraping Candle
Frightened/ Scared/ Petrified Moan Full moon Haunted
Storm Holy water Clock strikes twelve Scratching
Whistling wind Drip Paralysed Glow
Appear/ disappear Nightmare Chain Chase


PDF for easy saving and printing: Ghosts storytelling game

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