Past tenses games, worksheets and songs

Updated 13 March 2016

Games/ worksheets for specific narrative tenses

Simple Past

Past Continuous

Past Perfect

Used to/ Didn’t use to

Article on teaching past tenses (see index pages above for articles on teaching each past tenses)

Fun video activities to practice past tenses

Worksheets for mixed past tenses/ narrative tenses

The first time/ last time past tenses extended speaking and presentation – NEW

The last time you… narrative tenses guessing game and review

Guess the past time game (with lots of useful time expressions)

Past prepositions of time Snap

Past simple/ continuous/ perfect logic puzzles

Remembering and forgetting childhood memories

The story of your life mini-presentations

A childhood memory extended speaking

Weekends Past Continuous/ Past Perfect

Anecdotes bluff

Mr Bean Narrative tenses

Ghosts vocabulary storytelling game

Narrative tenses guess the year game

Xmas past tense mimes (Past Continuous etc)

Office equipment inventions Past tense review

Crime vocabulary storytelling game

Daily routines narrative tenses

Narrative tenses storytelling game

Guess the year business past tenses review

Business English alibi game

Mixed past tenses songs/ Narrative tenses songs

Narrative tense song worksheet- Hole in my Bucket by Spearhead

Past Present tense review- Yesterday by The Beatles

Other relevant index pages

Present Perfect page

Storytelling page

Business past tenses worksheets

Unreal past games/ worksheets


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