Future and tense review job interview form

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 5

 Employment (past, present, future)
 Responsibilities (past, present, future)
 Education, training and qualifications (past, present, future)
 Travel and languages (past, present, future)
 Other interests and skills
 Ambitions/ goals
 Predictions for economy, business and you (e.g. in five/ ten/ fifteen years)
 Availability for interview and to start work

Useful links for further information on and practice of job interviews

Example job interview questions for ESL learners:




6 minute video to teach job interview skills to English language learners from EF:


Business English job interview listening, with written questions after listening , similar to TOEIC. (Almost natural speed and some difficult vocabulary and structures. Quite difficult)


A job interview in English (based on materials for native English speakers, so a little difficult, but clear instructions for EFL learners)


Interviewing for a job in English (written questions and tips in slow, careful English, with chance to hear each part spoken too)


If you use any of the links above or similar online materials, please feel free to ask your teacher any questions you have, e.g. the meaning of vocabulary or to check your answers


PDF for easy saving and printing: FuturesTenseReviewJobInterview

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