Market Leader Intermediate New Edition U11 Past Continuous Accusations

Label the possible wrongdoings below with the vocabulary from page 93:

When I saw you…

… you were telling your stockbroker friend about tomorrow’s announcement of the drop in profits.

… a vendor was passing you an envelope that looked like it was full of cash.

… you were relabeling boxes of local whiskey as Scotch.

… you were opening a Swiss bank account.

… you were taking photos in your competitor’s office.

… you were passing a suitcase to a civil servant.

… you were burning documents.

… you were drilling your staff on what they should say to the press

… you were talking to the police

Accuse your partner of some of the things above and see if they can come up with innocent explanations.

Why do we use the Past Continuous (was/ were + ing) in the sentences above?

Listen to the accusation about Carl Thomson, General Manager of Livewire (tapescript 11.6 page 98), and say which of the wrongdoings it could be.

Do the same with this accusation:

“A few weeks later, the CEO found out by chance that Carl had advised a friend to buy shares in Livewire just before it announced some excellent annual results (profits had risen by almost 40%). Livewire’s share price rocketed and the friend made a quick profit”

Read the accusation on page 99 and say what kind of wrongdoing it could be (it is one we haven’t talked about yet)

Words to label the sentences above with (mixed up):

A slush fund
Insider trading
A bribe (bribery)
Industrial espionage
A cover up
A whitewash
A whistleblower
A con job (con artist)


PDF for easy saving and printing: PastContAccusations

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