Friends Series 6 Episode 3 (The one with Ross’s denial) Guess the characters’ lines

Friends Series 6 Episode 3 (The One With Ross’s Denial) Video Worksheet

Worksheet 1- Guess the characters’ lines

(Plot summary- Monica and Chandler argue about what they will do with Rachel’s old room after she has moved out. Meanwhile, Ross offers the homeless Rachel his spare room and Joey decides that his new room-mate should be a beautiful woman.)

A: Brainstorm all you know about the personalities, personal histories, interests and jobs of the characters in Friends:- Joey, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica and Rachel, either from your previous knowledge, guessing after looking at their photos or a clip from the series or reading up about the characters on the internet.

B: Who would you say these words could refer to?
 pretentious  dumb   wacky
a womaniser  sarcastic  romantic
new age

C: Using the information above, try to guess who says these lines, then watch the video to check.

What is with the secrecy, huh? What about this Denise? Is she cute?

You know about naked Thursdays, right?

90% of a woman’s pheromones come out of the top of a woman’s head. That’s why women are shorter, so men will fall in love when they hug them.

We could have a little roll top desk with little comment cards.

No, I’m not mocking you or your beautiful guest room!

Wanted: female room-mate- non-smoker, non-ugly.

And what’s more different than me- a guy who’s not nineteen than, say, a girl who is 19. Not just a hat-rack, my friend! (pointing at head)

Shush, I’m swamped right now.

Satan- worshipers okay.

Don’t thank me. If you want to thank someone, thank volcanoes that erupted thousands of years ago, killing but perfectly preserving an entire civilisation.

Ross. You’ve just saved me. You’re my hero.

I’m talking about the Barkin lounger. It doesn’t match. Where’s it gonna go?

I wouldn’t want to ruin the ambience here at Granma’s place.

Are you and your friends gonna be over here all the time partying and hanging out? Now, don’t just be blurting things out!

Well, we are fond of the silliness, but we also have a soft spot for the love.

Good! A verbal contract is binding in the state of New York.

No, I’m staying put.

But Ross, eventually you and I are going to be dating.

I’ll hang a hanger on the door and put a sign “Come back later- I’m getting laid!”

I was thinking we could get one of those signs and put it over our bed, because that’s you and me together- “merge”

She’s gonna come home all weepy and you’ll be telling her “That’s okay, you’ll find someone.” and BANG, she finds you!

There’ve been a lot of people interested in the room but I have narrowed it down, and you are one of the finalists.


Friends Series 6 Episode 3 Video Worksheet

Worksheet 2- Post Viewing Further vocabulary practice

Fill the following sentences in with words and expressions from Worksheet 1.

He hung his coat on the _________.

He didn’t consider himself _______ by his contract with the company, so he found himself another job.

Every Friday night the guys get dressed up and go out to try and  __________ laid.

Choosing between so many options is impossible- first you have to ________ it down.

When I came home I found my mother ________ over the sad news. So I gave her a quick ______ to cheer her up.

She doesn’t just like Chayanne, she ________ him- he’s like a god to her.

You can _______ if you like, but I think it’s a great idea.

He said he would never tell anyone the secret, but one night he got drunk and __________ it out.

You can go look for him if you like. I’m just _________ put.

We had nothing to do on Sunday, so we just went and ______ out in the park.

I really like those trousers, but they don’t ________ that top.

My brother and his girlfriend have been ________ for 3 months, but I still think she’s got a _______ spot for me.


PDF version for easy printing: Friends S 6 E 3

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