Old fashioned English or Janglish Used to practice

Choose words or expressions from below and say whether you think they used to be said in British or American English or are just Janglish (none are common in present standard British or American English).

A happening American coffee

Autobi (from Auto + bike) Baby car

Barriquand Bed town

Cabaret Catch phone

Cheek dance Chief

China dress Cloak

Coin laundry Companion

Cream soda Front glass

Gal Game centre

Gasoline stand Gateball

Guts pose

Hello Work


Ice candy

Jet coaster


Live house

Love comedy


Pair look

Panty stocking

Personal computer

Pocket bell

Recycle shop

Sharp pen



OL (office lady)

Old miss

OB (old boy)

Door boy

Cheer girl


(American) Indian


Man to man

Hint: Only 14 are old-fashioned English

Are any of those old-fashioned in Japanese? Why have they gone out of fashion?

Why are the bottom four rare in modern English?


PDF version for easy printing:  Old fashioned or Janglish used to

2 Responses to Old fashioned English or Janglish Used to practice

  1. aiaconoie says:

    Looks like a great activity- but do you happen to have the answers as well?

  2. alexcase says:

    No time to make one, I’m afraid. I just happen to know all the answers… I can tell you if there are any you have particular questions about, or you could adapt it to have just the ones you know.

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