Your week negotiations

Tell your partner about some ways in which the last seven days could have been improved.

 Choose one of those situations and try to negotiate an improvement. Tell your partner which role they should play.

Some ideas

People who live with you (Doing housework, annoying habits, space in the house, etc)

Friends and family (Lending you money, helping you out, time keeping, etc)

Colleagues (Helping you with work, stopping annoying habits, socialising, swapping things, etc)

Your direct boss/ line manager/ project leader (Breaks, overtime, understaffing, equipment, etc)

The head of your section, department or company (The building, policies, budget, etc)

Shop assistants and other service staff (Discounts, extended guarantees, free gifts, better service, a better seat, etc)

Transport staff (Slowing down or speeding up, discounts, timings, routes, connecting services, luggage space, etc)

Passersby and other strangers (Queuing, smoking, personal space, helping with doors etc)

Landlord or landlady, or building management (Repairs, rent, deposit, noise, etc)

Civil servants (Rubbish, streets, parking, etc)

The local or national government (The economy, international relations, etc)

God (The weather, natural disasters, health and fitness, looks, fate, etc)

Banks and credit card companies (Interest rates, fees, credit limits, etc)


Brainstorm language into the boxes below:

Stating aims
Softening position


PDF version for easy printing: YourWeekNegotiations

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