Inside Out Upper Unit 3 Reading articles practice

Fill the gaps below with a, an, the or ——

One of __________ wealthiest people in the state

________ ruined man

________ Swiss immigrant who came to _________ California

_________ state of ____________ California was ___________ distant outpost

just ___________ few hundred residents

12,000 head of _________ cattle

tricking in by ____________ wagon and __________ ship

________ trickle became __________ flood (= ________ deluge)

__________ glint caught his eye

half ___________ size of ________ pea

made ___________ statement to _____________ Congress

_____________ news was telegraphed to every ________ village

They mortgaged ________ farms and banded together to form __________ joint stock companies

____________ year of _______ pain in return for _________ lifetime of _______ riches

By early 1849, it was _________ epidemic

In new California, he was simply in ___________ way

The man who had ___________ best opportunity never even tried

What story do all of the sentences above tell, do you think? How are they all connected to the story?

Read the story on the first page of Unit 3 and check


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Inside Out Upper U3 Reading articles

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