How many are there spelling games

Lift Off 1 Unit 6/ Take Off 1 Unit 6 

Instructions for teachers

How many letters making words game

Make colour photocopies and cut up the cards. Students ask about how many of one of the letters you have (with “How many As are there?”, etc), then how many of those have one particular colour (with “How many red As are there?”, etc), then are given that many letters and score that many points. As well as taking turns asking such questions, they can also have extra goes and so maybe score more points if they can make words from the letters that they have been given. If they have many unsuccessful requests for letters because they guess the wrong colour etc, then tell them that all of them are only yellow, blue, red and green and/ or quickly let them look at an un-cut-up copy of the worksheet.

To link to the next unit of Lift Off 1/ Take Off 1, you could then play the same game with “May I have three blue Es, please?”


How many letters hangman

Say a word that they have recently studied or will study soon such as one of the words below. Students try to complete the spelling of the word by asking “How many As/ Bs/ Cs/…s are there?”, with one point for each letter you then add to the word on the board, e.g. two points if they ask “How many Es are there?” and there are two. They can also ask similar questions like “How many letters are there?” (in which case you can write dashes on the board as in hangman), but they only get points for guessing specific letters.

Students can then play the same game in groups, perhaps by randomly choosing which number word below their partner will ask them to spell.


Cards for How Many Letters Making Words Game

a a a a a a a a a b
b c c d d d d e e e
e e e e e e e e e f
f g g g h h i i i i
i i i i i j k l l l
l m m n n n n n n o
o o o o o o o p p q
r r r r r r s s s s
t t t t t t u u u u
v v w w x x y y z z


Words for How Many Are There hangman

Lift Off 1 Unit 1

  1. and
  2. buses
  3. camera
  4. down
  5. fine
  6. golf
  7. how
  8. listen
  9. look
  10. sit
  11. speak
  12. stand
  13. taxi
  14. thanks
  15. you


Lift Off 1 Unit 2 vocabulary

  1. bag
  2. black
  3. blue
  4. book
  5. boy
  6. brown
  7. chair
  8. clock
  9. close
  10. door
  11. girl
  12. green
  13. knock
  14. open
  15. orange
  16. pen
  17. pencil
  18. pink
  19. purple
  20. red
  21. table
  22. touch
  23. white
  24. whiteboard
  25. window
  26. yellow

Lift Off 1 Unit 3 vocabulary

  1. bird
  2. cat
  3. dog
  4. drink
  5. eat
  6. fish
  7. fly
  8. hop
  9. horse
  10. jump
  11. mouse
  12. pig
  13. rabbit
  14. run
  15. skip
  16. sleep
  17. snake
  18. stop
  19. swim
  20. walk

Lift Off 1 Unit 4 vocabulary

  1. apples
  2. bananas
  3. cakes
  4. come
  5. eggs
  6. hamburgers
  7. light
  8. oranges
  9. sandwiches
  10. turn

Lift Off 1 Unit 5 vocabulary

  1. cup
  2. fork
  3. glass
  4. knife
  5. plate
  6. spoon

Lift Off 1 Unit 6 vocabulary

  1. copy
  2. draw
  3. five
  4. four
  5. one
  6. read
  7. six
  8. three
  9. two
  10. write

Lift Off 1 Unit 7 vocabulary

  1. eight
  2. eleven
  3. hat
  4. jacket
  5. key
  6. nine
  7. seven
  8. skirt
  9. ten
  10. tie
  11. T-shirt
  12. twelve


PDF for easy saving and printing: How many are there spelling games Lift Off 1 Unit 6

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