Adjectives with too and not enough problems and solutions

Market Leader Elementary Unit 3

Think of problems with some of these words and see if your partner can think of good solutions, commenting on what they say. You can use more than one word together if you like. Note that some of the words below are positive, so you’ll have to use a sentence that makes them negative.

big/ large                                                                                                boring

bright                                                                                                      cheap/ reasonable

clean                                                                                                       clear

cold/ cool                                                                                                confusing

dangerous/ risky                                                                                    dark

difficult/ tricky                                                                                         dirty

early                                                                                                        easy

expensive/ pricy                                                                      far

fast/ quick                                                                                               flexible

hard                                                                                                       heavy

high                                                                                                         hot/ warm

inflexible                                                                                                 interesting

late                                                                                                          light

long                                                                                                         loud/ noisy

low                                                                                                          messy/ untidy

narrow                                                                                      near/ close

neat/ tidy                                                                                                 new

old                                                                                                           quiet

relaxing                                                                                     reliable

safe                                                                                                         short

slow                                                                                                        small

soft                                                                                                          stressful

unreliable                                                                                               wide

Match up opposites above. Note that they might be in the same column.  

What phrases can you use to ask for advice, give advice and comment on people’s advice? 

Do the same activity as above, but this time with nouns with “not any” and “some”.

Do the same activity with the verb “has/ have”/ “has got/ have got”.  

List problems that people typically have at work in your country, e.g. “People don’t usually have any…”, then listen to tapescript T1.35 and compare their ideas to yours.

Do the same for problems that companies often face in your country, for example “Companies usually have some…”, then listen to tapescript T1.36 and compare their ideas to yours.

Share some problems that you found solutions for, then listen to tapescript T1.37 and compare their ideas to yours.


PDF for easy saving and printing: too and not enough problems and solutions

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