Conversational reactions Answer me

New Cutting Edge Upper Module 2

Choose or take one of the cards below and reply to your partner’s question about your week or week with a story that should get that response. If your partner does say that thing in response, you can discard the card or cross it off the list and get one point.

Don’t take any notice of him/ her./ Just ignore him/ her.

Try not to worry about it.

How annoying!

That sounds nice.

That sounds awful/ horrible.

What a shame!/ What a pity!


Lucky you!

I envy you.

Never mind.

You must be really worried.


How wonderful!

I’m sorry to hear that.

I’m glad to hear that./ I’m pleased to hear that.



That’s amazing!

Well done./ You must be very proud.

That’s bad luck./ That’s tough luck.

That sounds relaxing.

That sounds fun.

That sounds frightening!

That’s funny!/ That’s hilarious!

How depressing!

That sounds stressful.

That sounds exciting.

It serves you right!/ You’ve only got yourself to blame

You’re joking!/ I don’t believe it!

How embarrassing!

Try to think of at least one situation for each of the phrases above.


Useful questions


How has your week been?

Have you been busy?

You look relaxed/ like death (warmed up)/ like I feel.


How was your weekend?

Did you have a good weekend?

Horrible/ Great weather at the weekend, wasn’t it?

Did you get up to much at the weekend?

Did you do anything (nice/ fun/ interesting) at the weekend?

Did you get the chance to meet up with…/ chill/ catch up on…/ study/…?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Conversational reactions Answer Me Cutting Edge Upper

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