Sue or something else?

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Unit 11/ Giving advice

What would your advice be in these situations? Choose one and discuss until you agree on the best advice, then switch and do the same again.

– You believe you failed to get a job only because of your race, age or gender

– You found a piece of glass in your beer. It was before you started drinking, but the bar only offered an apology and a replacement beer.

– You were in prison for a year until a new DNA analysis proved that you didn’t do the crime.

– Someone set up a totally untrue blog or Facebook page attacking you.

– Your child was injured by a broken piece of park play equipment.

– A newspaper misspelled a criminal’s name, making everyone believe it was you.

– A food that you were particularly fond of later turned out to be really dangerous for your health.

– Your child failed a test because of wrong information a cram school teacher gave them.

– You missed a job interview because the bus you were waiting for never came.

– Your dentist pulled out the wrong tooth.

– Your holiday was ruined by building work right in front of your hotel.

– Another child threw ink at your child’s expensive brand new winter coat.

– Your child fainted during sports practice after telling the teacher he or she felt too hot and tired to carry on.

Change groups and imagine you are in that situation. Ask your partner’s advice and respond to it.

What language can you use to ask for advice, give advice and respond to advice?

Asking for advice







Giving advice







Responding to advice





PDF version for easy saving and printing: Sue or something else advice Cutting Edge Int Mod 11

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