New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 1 to 3 vocab quiz

 Ask your partner questions to test their knowledge of the words and expressions below. You could ask them about:

spelling                                                         meaning

stress                                                                          syllables

opposite                                                                     different parts of speech

examples                                                                   collocations

pronunciation, e.g. vowels, consonants, homophones or differences

 a bully/ to bully  pensioner  flirt  hang out with
 beat someone up  threat/ threaten  guy  marble/ a marble
 over-enthusiastic  get the blame  serve someone right  fairground
 amusement arcade  pocket money  slot machine  upset
 furious  terrified  terrific  terrible (at)
 to pat  gran  go out with  oxygen
 to text someone  acquaintance  stepmother  colleague
 a shame  struggle with  mental arithmetic  bump into
 cliff  tracksuit  a relative  weird
 As a matter of fact…  gorgeous  chat  obviously
 upset  furious  line manager  take a wrong turn
 a gig  the mainland  shabby  standard of living
 cosmopolitan  cathedral  coral reef  the Outback
 a patient  patient  carrier bag  antibiotics
 to pack  sales assistant  flatmate  an operation
 wheelchair  ward  pick on someone  a coward
 pathetic  stunned  varied  a sense of humour
 to peel  disastrous  to pour  polluted
 hostile  aboard  abroad  thunderstorm
 population  coastline  crowded  on the surface
 pace of life  standard of living  post box  flag
 foreigner  bright  cosmopolitan  thank goodness
 parliament  botanic gardens  rush around  end up
 Great Barrier Reef  Ayer’s Rock  reddy-orange  energetic
 scenery  Aboriginal  it’s worth it  jellyfish
 rainforest  snorkelling  return flight  stopover
 tax  bore  Friends Reunited  PS
 drop someone a line  regards  meet up (with)  stomachache
 flatmate  chunk  keep fit  brain food
 funny you should say that


PDF for easy saving and printing: New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 1 to 3 vocab quiz

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