Find out your partner’s personality

Market Leader Intermediate New Edition Unit 11

Warmer- More Than You
Ask your partner questions to try and find things that are more for you than for them, e.g. “How long does it take you to travel to work everyday?” or “How many CDs do you have?”

More Personality Than You
Continue the game, but asking questions where your answer and your partner’s answer proves that you are more (one of the positive personality adjectives below) than your partner:
· Honest (for example, “How much money have you found and turned into the police?”)
· Adaptable/ flexible (for example, “How often does your job change?”)
· Ambitious (for example, “How would you feel if you were promoted to CEO of your company tomorrow?”)
· Brave/ courageous
· Calm
· Cheerful
· Diligent/ conscientious
· Hard working
· Efficient/ productive
· Energetic
· Keen/ enthusiastic
· Faithful
· Funny/ amusing/ witty
· Friendly/ sociable
· Generous
· Honest
· Helpful
· Lucky
· Patient
· Polite/ well-mannered
· Decisive
· Punctual
· Confident/ self-assured
· Sincere
· Reliable/ trustworthy
· Sensitive
· Fun loving
· Determined

More Ethical than You
Ask similar questions to find out if you or your partner is more ethical, for example 2nd conditional questions with “If… would you… or would you…?”

What kind of ethical dilemmas come up in business? What ones particularly come up in:
– the food industry?
– mobile phone operators?
– record companies?
– computer and telecommunications companies?
– the financial sector?
– oil and mining groups?
– footwear and clothing brands?

Read the text on pg 94 and check.

Hold business meetings to decide what you would do in each of the situations.


PDF version for easy printing: FindOutPersonality

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