Mixed conditionals games, worksheets and songs

PDFs and teaching ideas for both “the mixed conditional” (“If + past perfect, would + infinitive”, i.e. a mix of third conditional and second conditional forms) and worksheets practising a mix of first, second and/ or third conditional together. If you find anything useful here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 16 August 2020

Article on teaching mixed conditionals

Fun third and mixed conditionals tasks

Photocopiable mixed conditionals classroom activities

Make your own conditionals discussion questions

Colours and conditionals sentence completion guessing game

Discussing business problems with first, second and third conditional

Colours and conditionals sentence completion guessing game

Conditionals review sentence completion game

Second, third and mixed conditional discussion

Mixed conditionals songs

He’d Still be Here (mix of third conditional and mixed conditional, by Ken Wilson) – NEW

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