FCE Writing Part Two letters and emails games/ worksheets

Cambridge First Writing Task 2 PDFs. Mostly (but not all) updated for 2015 exam. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 21 October 2020

E-book with some relevant materials

Teaching Emailing: Interactive Classroom Activities – NEW

Photocopiable FCE Writing Part Two letters and emails classroom materials

FCE email and letter tasks on technology

Cambridge First email and letter tasks on the topic of clothes

FCE Writing Part Two email task on work

FCE job application task on the topic of sport

Classify and rank the FCE formal and informal email and letter phrases – Updated version

Planning FCE Writing Part Two email and letter tasks

First Certificate emailing phrases sentence transformations game (to tie together writing and Use of English Part Four)

FCE emails and letters prepositions pairwork (useful for linking to Use of English Part Two)

Email and letter phrases key word sentence transformations (to combine Use of English practice with useful phrases for Writing Part One and Two)

Brainstorm language for FCE application letter tasks

FCE Writing Part One for first classes

Use of English Part Two practice of emailing phrases

Compare and contrast the emails (linking FCE Writing Part One and FCE Speaking Part Two)

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