IELTS Speaking Part One about Accommodation

Objective IELTS Advanced Unit 9 

Student A

 Do you live near here? (How can you get from there to here?)

 Can you tell me about the kind of accommodation you live in? (What do you like about living there?)

 What is your favourite room in your home? (Why?)

 Who do you live with? (How do you feel about that?)


 How long do you think you will continue living in your present accommodation? (Where else would you like to live?)


Student B

 What sort of home do you live in? (How does it compare to other places where you have lived?)

 Can you tell me about where you are living at the moment? (How long do you think you will stay there?)

 What is your local area like? (Do you spend lots of time there?)

 Do you live on your own? (What is the perfect number of people in a house for you?)


 What would your dream house be like? (Which of those things might be realistic?)


Student C

 Where do you live now? (How long have you been living there?)

 Do you live in a house or a flat? (Which of those would you choose if you could?)

 Do you still live in your family home? (What is your family home like?)

 What do you like about your home? (Is there anything you would like to change/improve about it?)


 Would you like to move house? (Why/ why not?)

 What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in? (What’s the most important factor when choosing where to live?)


PDF for easy saving and printing: IELTS Speaking Part One accommodation

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  1. Nayeem says:

    What do you like most about your flat?

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