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Each of the pages below have several, or sometimes many, of my articles on each topic.

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Popular series of articles

The why in TEFL series

The well balanced TEFL series

The advantages and disadvantages series

2 Responses to TEFL articles by topic

  1. Kristen says:

    Hi Alex! I was searching for your email to send you a private message, but could not find one. I saw your article on Useful classroom language for ESL teachers for starting lessons
    (www.usingenglish.com/articles/classroom-language.html#bMltdvkLOkIIIkf8.99) and wanted to know if you had any similar resources. I live in Panama City, Panama and am tutoring a few adult teachers who are interested in this type of vocabulary as they search for teaching jobs in English-only schools: your article seemed to be a rare find! Please keep up with the good work and let me know if you have any suggestions. Saludos, Kristen

  2. alexcase says:

    Hi Kristen

    Nine more lists and some teacher training worksheets to teach such language here:

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