Basic adjectives and nouns drawing games

with food vocabulary, animal vocabulary, classroom vocabulary, clothes vocabulary, toys vocabulary and feelings

Instructions for teachers

Cut up one set of cards per class or group of students, choosing suitable sets of nouns from below or making up similar ones with different nouns with the gapped cards given. Students can:

  • Race to shout out the name of what the teacher or another student is drawing
  • Race to draw what the teacher or another student holds up and/ or shouts out
  • Compete to make the best picture of what is held up and/ or shouted out in one minute

If they can’t guess and/ or to add extra reading practice, you can let the students who are guessing look at an un-cut-up copy of the worksheets.

Students can then make their own cards with the same or different adjectives to play the same game(s) with.


Food and drink cards

a long potato
a happy tomato
a sad ice cream
a little apple
a big strawberry
a happy egg
a sad peach
a long banana

 Animals cards

a big cat
a happy spider
a sad rabbit
a little elephant
a short snake
a long pig
a little dog
a big bird

Classroom vocabulary cards 

a big chair
a long pencil
a little ball
a long table
a happy book
a sad teacher
a happy boy
a big girl

Clothes cards 

a big T shirt
a little dress
a short skirt
long socks
long trousers
a big shirt
a sad shoe
a happy hat

Kitchen vocabulary cards 

a happy knife
a long spoon
a short fork
a little plate
a big cup
a sad glass

Toy vocabulary cards

a little box
a big boat
a long bat
a happy kite
a sad balloon
a little plane
a long bicycle
a big train
a little car

Make your own cards

a happy _______
a sad _________
a long ________
a short ________
a big _________
a little ________
a ______ ______
a ______ ______


PDF for easy saving and printing: basic adjectives and nouns drawing games

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