Present Simple questions with be speaking

Time to Talk Yellow S Unit 1

Your teacher will give you 8-15 typical classroom objects such as a ruler, ballpoint pen and eraser. One person will pass one of those things and ask a personal question. The person who received that will ask the same question as they pass the same thing, then pass another thing and ask a different question. Continue adding more things and questions, starting from the same first question each time, until everyone forgets the questions.

Take turns asking and answering questions below, adding “am/ is/ are”.

  • what your name?
  • what your job?
  • you an office worker?
  • your office near here?
  • where you from?
  • you from Tokyo?
  • you British?
  • how old you?
  • what your telephone number?
  • what your favourite food?
  • how you?
  • how old your father?
  • what your father’s job?
  • what your mother’s name?
  • where your parents from?
  • what this (in English)?

Write the correct form of “be” in the right places in the questions above.

Ask and answer all the complete questions in pairs.


Without looking above if you can, put the right form of the verb “be” in each answer below.

  • My name Alex
  • I an English teacher
  • Yes, I
  • No, it not
  • I from Brighton
  • No, I not
  • Yes, I
  • I 27 (years old)
  • It 090 7788 9900
  • My favourite food fish and chips
  • I fine, thank you
  • He 65 (years old)
  • He retired
  • Her name Pat
  • They from London
  • It an automatic pencil

Try to remember the questions for each answer above.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Present Simple questions with be

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