Graduate options roleplay

Natural English Intermediate Unit 6

Your partner is a university career counsellor. Ask them as many questions as you can about the consequences of taking the different options below, including how your options will change depending on your marks in your finals (distinction, merit, first, two one, two two, third, scrape through, fail)

A gap year

A postgraduate qualification (A PhD or Masters)

A PGCE (postgraduate certificate in education)

A low level position in a big company in the nearest big city

A graduate job in a smaller company closer to home

Study abroad

Apply for a scholarship to study abroad

Temporary office job

Factory, warehouse or other manual work

Set up your own company

Try to get something through alumni association contacts

Change partners and ask the same questions to another career counsellor. How are their answers different, and whose advice is better?


PDF for easy saving and printing: GraduateOptions

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