Your City Discussion Questions

Part A: Advice

 How should the local or national government improve your city?

 What advice would you give someone who had just moved to this city from another part of your country? What about someone who had moved from abroad?

 What would you say to someone who found the city too polluted/ busy/ noisy/ crowded/ expensive?

Part B: Discussion

 Do you prefer to spend your free time inside or outside the city? Why?

 What do young people/ university students/ people in their twenties/ middle aged people/ retired people usually do to relax in this city?

 How does this city compare with your hometown or other cities you know (in your country or abroad)?

 What is the best area for going out on Saturday nights?

 What things are there to do on weekend nights for people who don’t like drinking?

 What is the most relaxing/ most exciting/ most interesting/ healthiest things to do in this city?

 What are the busiest shopping days and times of the year? How can you avoid the crowds?

 Are there any areas of your city which are better to avoid (e.g. at certain times)?

 What do you think about the nightlife in your city?

 How has the city changed in the last twenty years or so?

How do you think people in Hong Kong and Moscow might answer the last question?


PDF version for easy printing: YourCityDiscussionQuestions

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