Business writing tasks on the topic of Success and failure

Business writing tasks on the topic of “Success and failure”

Choose one or more of the tasks below and email it to your teacher or give the piece of writing to him or her in the next class. You could choose the topic which is most connected to your work or area of business, or you could choose a genre that you often write or most need to improve.

Write a report recommending ways in which your company (or any real or imaginary company) can improve its success in one or several parts of its business

Write the agenda for a meeting analysing why something went wrong, e.g. a product launch

Write a press release announcing an important success by your (real or imaginary) company

Write a memo to all staff in your department (or any department of any real or imaginary company) telling them that they should copy what a successful businessman says or does

Write a CV (= resume) and/ or a cover letter (= letter of communication) concentrating on your (real or imaginary) personal and business achievements

Write an email to a company you do business with congratulating them on a success

Write a diplomatic email to a company enquiring about rumours that they are in financial trouble

Write a contract between two companies involved in a joint venture that spreads the rewards of success and risks of failure evenly

Write a profile/ biography of a successful or unsuccessful businessman, business or product

Write a letter of apology, accepting responsibility for a business or other failure.

Write PowerPoint slides for a presentation on why something went wrong.

Write a section of a manual or instruction booklet saying how to avoid common mistakes.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Business writing on success

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