Meeting people politeness game

Choose one of the cards below that you think that you can do better than any of your partners, e.g. one you can say more politely than anyone else. After you have all tried as many times as you like, vote on whose sentence was best and write it down. If it was the person who chose that card, they get one point.

 Greet someone you’ve never met before as politely as you can  Check someone’s name if you didn’t hear it very well as politely as you can  Greet some who you often meet in the most friendly manner you can
Greet someone you haven’t met though you’ve had contact with them by phone or email as enthusiastically as you can Greet someone you’ve met before, some time ago, as enthusiastically as you can Introduce yourself as humbly as you can
 Ask someone what their name is as politely as you can  Introduce a colleague in as much detail as you can

If you are using Intelligent Business Intermediate Skills Book, match the sentences on Unit 1 Page 6 with the categories above.


Roleplay the situations above with one partner (you only have one attempt this time).


Do the same with the situations on Unit 1 page 8.


PDF version for easy printing: MeetingPeoplePolitenessGame

Over 80 pages of meeting people/ starting and ending conversations photocopiables and 220 pages of other social English materials here:

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