What does this sign mean prohibitions pictionary

Everybody Up 4 Unit 7

Students take turns trying to draw the sentences below for the other students to guess (only looking at the list if they really need to)


You can’t wear earrings



You can’t climb the trees



You can’t fish



You can’t have a barbecue



You can’t skateboard



You can’t ice skate



You can’t rollerskate



You have to fasten your seatbelt



You have a wear a lifejacket



You have to wear a helmet



You can’t catch insects



You can’t swim because there are sharks



You can’t touch the seals



You can’t touch the dolphins



You can’t camp



You have to wear gloves



You can’t play musical instruments



You can’t take photos



You can’t drive cars (here)



PDF for easy saving and printing: What do the signs mean prohibitions

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1 Response to What does this sign mean prohibitions pictionary

  1. Exactly what I was looking for, nice one, gonna use this with my moody teenagers tomorrow.

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