Teaching very young learners articles

Updated 12 June 2017

Other relevant pages of articles

Using songs articles page (mainly on very young learners)

Using picture books and stories articles page (ditto)

First classes with young learners articles page (ditto)

On choosing and using worksheets for pre-school kids (should you want to/ need to)

The first 15 stages of using worksheets in kindergarten English classes

15 criteria for choosing or making preschool English worksheets

Other very practical basics

Setting up activities in preschool English classes – LINK FIXED

15 uses for guessing games in any preschool English class

15 flashcard activities for any preschool English class

15 fun sit down activities for preschool English classes

15 ways of starting a preschool English lesson

15 ways to finish a preschool English lesson

Discipline and attention

15 techniques for calming down a preschool English class

15 punishments for preschool English classes (and the interesting debate it started)

15 reasons for misbehaviour in preschool English classes (and what to do about them)

A bit more adminy

Can-do statements in preschool English classes (an original idea, I think, and some very interesting comments by real published authors!)

Questions to ask before a new preschool English class

Should my English teaching school be a preschool school (or should my preschool be an English school)? (originally published in MET magazine)

Can-do statements in pre-school English classes

Teaching common language points for very young learners articles

How to teach colour vocabulary in ESL classes

Classroom activities for colour vocabulary

How to teach colour word recognition – NEW

How to use colouring-in in EFL classes – NEW


The 15 stages of teaching numbers

Other teaching very young learners articles

15 criteria of a good preschool English class

15 variations on TPR for little kids

15 problems and solutions for large preschool classes

15 variations for large preschool English classes

1 Response to Teaching very young learners articles

  1. Barbara says:

    My name is Barbara, from Poland, and I am researching for a diploma and need to contact people teaching English as a foreign language in nurseries/kindergartens abroad. My topic/research thesis is about teaching English to very young learners in different European kindergartens. Could somebody help me, please? I would be grateful!!!!!!!

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