BULATS Speaking Part Two tasks on the topic of advertising

Market Leader Intermediate New Edition Unit 6

You are going to give a short presentation.  You have a choice of three topics.  Choose one that you feel you can talk about.  You have one minute to prepare your talk.  Then you will have one minute to speak about it.  You can make notes if you wish. 


A: Talk about an advert that you love or hate. You should say:

  • Where and when you first came across it
  • How many times you have seen or heard it
  • How you feel about it and why

And say why you think the advertising company decided to make that the ad that way



B: Give a short presentation about one way of advertising consumer goods. Things to include in your presentation:

  • What method of advertising you chose to talk about and why
  • Some examples of goods that suit being advertised that way and some that aren’t
  • Details about one recent example

And say how it compares to other ways of advertising consumer goods.



C: Speak for one minute about a TV commercial that became very well known in your country, including:

  • How it was different from other TV ads at the time
  • Why you think it became well known
  • What people’s reaction to it was and why

And give your opinion about whether you think that advert had a positive impact on the company that commissioned it or not, and why.



PDF for easy saving and printing: BULATS Speaking Part Two Advertising

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