Transport and travel Avoiding absolute statements

IELTS Graduation Unit 6 

Use the language from your homework to make generalisations and predictions about the following things. As in the exam, try to use different words from those written below if you can

The underground


Youth hostels


Long distance buses

Business travellers

Independent travellers

Environmentally friendly travel and tourism

Gap years


Private car ownership

Traffic jams

What generalisations and predictions could you make in the following Writing Part Two task?

Private car ownership has grown dramatically in recent years. This has led to a rise in traffic congestion.

What could governments and individuals do to reduce congestion?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

What words or expressions could you use to avoid repeating the language in the question?

Work together to write an introduction paragraph for that essay.

Compare your introduction with the one on page 97.

Useful language
Adverbs of frequency

Almost always

Usually/ In the majority of cases/ Generally

(Very) often




Hardly ever

Almost never


Adverbs of probability


Almost certainly


Maybe/ Possibly/ Perhaps


Adjectives of probability

(Quite/ Highly) possible/ probable/ certain/ sure/ doubtful


Nouns of probability

(A high/ considerable) possibility/ probability






Tend to



Almost all/ A vast majority of…

Most/ A majority of…

(Very) many…/ A large number of…

Quite a lot of…


A few

Very few/ A minority of…

Almost no…



PDF version for easy saving and printing: Transport and travel generalisations

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