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An interview with TEFL blogging pioneer Aaron Campbell

It’s nice to really re-launch my blog with this fascinating interview on the very beginnings of TEFL blogging. Enjoy! Alex: Can you give us a brief biog? Aaron: Originally from the USA, I caught the travel bug in college after … Continue reading

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A history of TEFL blogging Second attempt

Am getting my long stalled project on the history of TEFL (and, but less so, EFL) blogs restarted with: – A much improved proper chronological list, mainly based on comments on the original one – more comments here or there … Continue reading

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An interview with Katie of TEFLlogue (History of TEFL blogging Part Three)

In my interview EFL Geek, he mentioned Katie of TEFLlogue fame as someone he most missed from the TEFL blogosphere, and I’m sure everyone who was active at that time will feel exactly the same way. She was incredibly productive, … Continue reading

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The only remaining bits of the English Droid

English Droid is not only the most missed and funniest TEFL blog ever, it is also connected to one of the biggest mysteries in our game. The author, Simon Barne, not only deleted his blog without any notice, but concurrently … Continue reading

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The Best of Chasing TEFL Ladies

No, not the history of trying to find a Liz to my John Soars in the teachers’ rooms of the world… One of the reasons my last post was even more untopical than usual was that when I went to … Continue reading

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Ten blogs that are dead (to TEFL) but are still worth reading

I’ve been nominated by a couple of people to take part in‘vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog’. This translates as “Try to find ten blogs that no one has nominated yet, like a birthday boy who is having … Continue reading

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An interview with EFL Geek, the real grandfather of TEFL blogging

Hopefully he won’t mind the grandfather bit, seeing as we are almost exactly the same age (along with a surprisingly large number of other bloggers- is it a middle aged crisis thing to do??) I’m also hoping that he won’t … Continue reading

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A history of TEFL blogging Part One

UPDATE: List now includes most of people’s suggestions, and have also added a History of TEFL Blogs tag that you can follow to the many later posts on the topic. TurklishTEFL was kind enough to publish a piece of fluff … Continue reading

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A fireside chat with Sandy McManus

He’s been the most famous/ notorious online TEFL figure for around five years, and the age of Twitter doesn’t seem to have calmed him down at all. In this exclusive TEFLtastic interview, Sandy shows his sensitive side

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The best of English Teacher X Part Two

1. “I was overcome with panic and wanted to run. . .but I’d already run, and here I was” English Teacher Q on his first ever English lesson, after trying to escape it all in Bangkok 2. “I walk into … Continue reading

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