Personality vocabulary games/ worksheets

Character words PDFs and teaching ideas. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Articles on teaching character words

10 fun activities for personality adjectives– LINK UPDATED

15 realistic situations for describing people

Photocopiable character words classroom activities

Personality words bluffing game

Personality opposites miming games

Character words with negative prefixes games (jigsaw and speaking)

Character opposites roleplays

Personality adjectives card games

Giving advice on personality problems

Trigger Happy TV personality words (shouting out character that seems to be illustrated by someone’s actions on screen)

Ideal personality guessing game

Find out your partner’s personality

Personality gender guessing game

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous personality quizzes

Twins separated at birth alibi game

How questions personality quizzes

Personality vocabulary IELTS Speaking Parts One to Three

Personality words in university application essays

Job applications personality and body language

Business Past Continuous and personality accusations

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Updated 26 August 2022

2 Responses to Personality vocabulary games/ worksheets

  1. Trudi Hayes says:

    Hi do you know where the video link is that is referred to in the Trigger Happy TV personality words worksheet? Thanks

  2. alexcase says:

    Sorry, can’t remember which video I originally used it with, but it should work with virtually any mainly visual humour with very short sketches. Loads of this series seems to be available online, e.g:

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