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Interview – Big changes at Trinity TESOL

I can’t remember why I ended up looking at the list of Trinity TESOL courses a couple of months ago, but when I did I got the distinct impression that they had expanded since the last time I’d looked. I therefore … Continue reading

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EOT against OUP

Regular interviewee (!) Jason West of English Out There is launching an online campaign against Oxford University Press. Here is the promised interview in which he explains how and why:  What exactly is your complaint against OUP? Without using legal terminology the … Continue reading

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Interview with the new ownership/ management of UniTEFL Thailand

I regularly turn down suggestions for TEFL dirt digging because I want to get back to the Past Perfect Continuous games that are my real forte. However, I don’t think I’d ever been offered as much unwanted info on anyone … Continue reading

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All the TEFLtastic interviews so far

I’ve got a few really interesting interviews in the pipeline, so thought I’d check that the previous ones were suitably labelled with the correct tag so I could link to them. As I suspected, most of them were not. Here, … Continue reading

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A London summer school with no classroom

The always stimulating English Out There newsletter had an interesting tidbit this month – a summer school in London taught entirely in public places. I wrote to the founder of EOT for more details: Can you describe the group of … Continue reading

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Materials, technology, theory and practice – An interview with Jill Hadfield

… of Communication Games, Classroom Dynamics and Oxford Basics fame. Can you give us a very quick biog? Like everyone else, I sort of fell into TEFL – don’t know many people who actually set out to do it as … Continue reading

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Me vs Vicki Hollett on functional language and ELF

I originally started writing up my questions about functional language as just a statement of the issues involved in this vital but tricky area of language, but as I was doing so I suddenly thought “Come to think of it, … Continue reading

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An interview with Andrew Wright

One of the many nice things to come out of the storm in a TEFL cup that was my attempt at making a list of the 100 most influential books in TEFL was Andrew Wright agreeing to an interview, and here it … Continue reading

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An interview with Katie of TEFLlogue (History of TEFL blogging Part Three)

In my interview EFL Geek, he mentioned Katie of TEFLlogue fame as someone he most missed from the TEFL blogosphere, and I’m sure everyone who was active at that time will feel exactly the same way. She was incredibly productive, … Continue reading

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An interview with EFL Geek, the real grandfather of TEFL blogging

Hopefully he won’t mind the grandfather bit, seeing as we are almost exactly the same age (along with a surprisingly large number of other bloggers- is it a middle aged crisis thing to do??) I’m also hoping that he won’t … Continue reading

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