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The (mildly) autistic TEFL teacher

While adding two new articles and a list of useful phrases to my rapidly expanding small talk for EFL learners page, it suddenly struck me how ironic people who know me would find it that I’m teaching small talk, let … Continue reading

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35 reasons to buy Teaching Social English

Reasons why you should shell out a couple of quid on my new e-book You want to start term with something which is fun and light but also useful outside the classroom Your students are going to meet you and … Continue reading

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The first TEFLtastic book for teachers

Teaching Social English: Interactive Classroom Activities (Rushed out now as it’s especially useful for new courses)

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New teaching like and would like page

A year or so after publishing an article on comparing and practising like for preferences and would like for desires, I’ve finally got enough worksheets up to make it worth its own page on TEFLtastic: Like and would like games/ … Continue reading

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30 new TEFL articles and worksheets (Spring 2016)

A fairly typical amount of new stuff on and on TEFLtastic, though in my humble opinion the quality is getting a little better all the time… Help and Hindrance in IELTS Listening Whose is this Whose are these Possessives personalised … Continue reading

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New small talk games/ worksheets page

My Business English students often complain that the most difficult part of using English in their jobs is not making presentations or chairing meetings but the networking, chatting and bumping into people in the lift that can happen before and afterwards. There … Continue reading

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Getting more complex language from your students Part Two

The follow up to this article, also published in English Teaching Professional. Given the likelihood that your students often communicate with people who have a lower level of English than they do, there is much to be said for even … Continue reading

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Getting students to use more complex functional language

An expanded version of an article of mine just published in English Teaching Professional magazine as Keep Moving On Part One – available here on TEFLtastic for free! One of the best language learning tips that I have used and passed … Continue reading

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How to really teach imperatives

Updated 29 October 2018 Back in the bad old days of New Cambridge English Course and its like, most courses had a completely pointless unit teaching students to say “Turn off the lights” and “Don’t touch the paint”. That is … Continue reading

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Would functional language by any other name smell as unsweet?

The stats on my functional language classroom materials page have taken a brief blip upwards in the last few days. Perhaps because I’m a glass half empty kinda guy (when I’m not an “Are you looking at my pint?” kinda … Continue reading

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