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Expect a flood of criminal TEFLers to a school near you

According to the EL Gazette all British Council inspected schools in the UK will need to conduct criminal record checks from 2014, so if the country or school you are in doesn’t insist on such checks a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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London summer schools down 35 percent in 2012

No info on where that stat came from nor conclusions on whether it was mainly the Olympics or something else, but still… Were the Olympics bad for (TEFL) business? Loads more TEFL stats via the tag of that name below.

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Action for ESOL

I’ve never really had any involvement with the ESOL* world in the UK, but it was the topic of one of the best ever guest posts that I’ve published here. It also looks like that side of learning English is … Continue reading

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A London summer school with no classroom

The always stimulating English Out There newsletter had an interesting tidbit this month – a summer school in London taught entirely in public places. I wrote to the founder of EOT for more details: Can you describe the group of … Continue reading

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British Council accredited schools

Being British Council accredited is the basic standard that a school in the UK should have, but the British Council does not accredit schools outside the UK. If the British Council certified a school in, for example, Madrid, British Council Madrid … Continue reading

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EL Gazette campaign to save UK TEFL

As usual, I can find little to add to what the ever fabulous Melanie Butler has to say here, except that if you think this doesn’t concern you, just think about TEFLers fleeing the UK and further flooding the teaching … Continue reading

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The Financial Times on EFL in Brighton

Reasonably good read, but as little as I know about ESL/ ESOL in the UK, this sounds like complete crap to me: ‘One is “English as a Foreign Language” (EFL), aimed at people who need a modicum of knowledge to … Continue reading

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That lightbulb moment

She looked a lot like the stereotype of a post-Soviet female, and by the succession of boyfriends waiting outside the language school for her over the months and a few comments she made, we all got the impression she was making the … Continue reading

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Sir Lez Patterson on UK TEFL

A different kind of TEFL article- one that really should be in ETP and MET more, but is always welcome on Foreign Students Go Walkabout More on this: Save UK ELT Number 10 petition The whole ridiculous situation in … Continue reading

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EFL and ESOL: worlds apart?

 A guest piece by winner of the TEFLtastic award for most interesting recent blog/ most recent interesting blog, 26 Letters “First, a warning: for the sake of brevity, in this post I’m going to employ ridiculous, sweeping generalisations about adult … Continue reading

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