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Three much missed funny TEFL blogs

While searching my blog for broken links, I found that English Droid had disappeared yet again and that English Teacher X and Chase Me Ladies were locked behind walls with invitations needed for entry. Luckily, my selections of highlights from … Continue reading

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Recommended free Elementary and Pre-Int business self-study materials

This is a list of the best A1 and A2 level materials I could find online. I made this for my students to use while they were waiting for their one-to-one tutorials, to discuss afterwards, and hopefully to use to … Continue reading

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New TEFL photocopiables and articles summer 2021

While you were all enjoying spending your summer holidays sitting around at home doing nothing, I was enjoying mine sitting around at home doing nothing but writing about TEFL. And here are the results: New TEFL articles summer 2021 Most … Continue reading

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New too and enough page have asked me for more stuff on articles, determiners and quantifiers, so could add a new article and worksheet on this useful but sometimes tricky point to my totally new page: Too and enough games, worksheets and songs – … Continue reading

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2021-style invitations lesson

Of all the pre-COVID materials I’ve had to use in the last 15 months, probably the least successful was a lesson where students responded to almost all invitations with “I can’t because of coronavirus” and “Maybe when COVID is gone”. … Continue reading

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Three new kinds of TEFL board game

I came up with the first of these as part of my trivia quizzes boom, and used it to make this narrative tenses board game. Students work their way around a board game by guessing numbers. On each square they … Continue reading

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Good and taboo questions (TEFLtastic Classics Part 49)

Updated 6 September 2021 The best thing you can teach students about almost any language point is how to ask and answer the kinds of questions related to that language which people really ask each other. However, doing just this … Continue reading

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TEFLtastic blogroll updated

It’s the long “Golden Week” break here in Japan, so have had time to do my approximately once yearly look at the links on TEFLtastic. Was pleasantly surprised to see that since this time last year only one or two … Continue reading

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New TEFL stuff 2021 Part One

Newest ones that I haven’t mentioned before top of each section. New TEFL e-book Teaching IELTS Writing: Interactive Classroom Activities New TEFL articles spring 2021 How to make a personal connection in presentations How to be friendly on the phone … Continue reading

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Guest post: 11 tips for teaching controversial topics in the ESL classroom

A great post from Alice of Hot Take English, hopefully re-starting the once numerous and always popular TEFLtastic guest posts. For a lot of English language teachers, the mere thought of teaching a so-called “controversial” discussion topic in class is … Continue reading

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