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New indirect questions PDFs and teaching tips

Recently added a new page with a new article and photocopiables on embedded questions like “Could I ask if…?”, “Do you happen to know…?” and “I was wondering…, including some stuff on the differences in meaning and use between different … Continue reading

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The most TEFLtastic photocopiables of 2019

To go with my list of the best articles in 2019, here is a careful selection of last year’s prime crop of PDFs, in approximate order of how likely I am to use them again soon. If you really like … Continue reading

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The most TEFLtastic articles of 2019

Happy New Year! Last year was a super-motivating year for one, due to a rebound in blog stats and a huge jump in sales of my e-books, so many thanks to my generous (and hopefully happy) readers/ customers! That meant … Continue reading

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New how questions PDFs and teaching tips

If your students, like mine, are likely to reply to “How was your Xmas/ New Year/ winter break/ vacation/ trip?” with “(Yes), I went to….”, then you’ll be wanting to look at this brand new page with an article and … Continue reading

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57 Xmas and New Year links for TEFL teachers

Just put up a new worksheet with games linking Xmas to going to for future plans and predictions, adding to a surprising number of seasonal grammar activities. Also Xmas vocab, songs, videos, roleplays, discussions, and practice of business skills like … Continue reading

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New positive and negative connotations PDFs and teaching tips

Not much more to say about this, it’s all in the title and in the article and worksheets, here:

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Meeting criteria games (TEFLtastic Classics Part 39)

Another instalment in my series on posts on the most useful and adaptable TEFL activities, for once for an activity that I (probably) invented. This is one of the board games I wrote about here, but is worth another mention … Continue reading

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New TEFL stuff autumn 2019

Not a lot of new PDFs and tips, as I’ve been concentrating on polishing up the TEFLtastic index pages, but still hopefully at least one useful thing for almost everyone. Newest of each kind top of each section. New TEFL articles … Continue reading

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The (mildly) autistic TEFL teacher

While adding two new articles and a list of useful phrases to my rapidly expanding small talk for EFL learners page, it suddenly struck me how ironic people who know me would find it that I’m teaching small talk, let … Continue reading

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Disappearing text memory games (TEFLtastic Classics Part 38)

This is another activity that I’ve used regularly as long as I can remember and I’ve finally got around to writing about, inspired by its appearance in my new e-book. This is perhaps the best game of all for memorising … Continue reading

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