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New TEFL PDFs and articles 2020 Q2

Loads on my new favourite topics reporting verbs, verb patterns and subject questions, but also business communication reviews, social English, tenses, inversion, there is/ are, crime vocabulary, clothes vocabulary, animal vocabulary, academic writing (specifically the neglected topic of writing academic … Continue reading

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Linking learner training and specific language points

I was wondering recently why my learner training page isn’t more popular, because what could be better than getting students to discuss how to learn a language while also practising the language point of the day? Then when I actually … Continue reading

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Social distancing variations on TEFLtastic classics

I was planning to do a whole blog post or article on how to play classic TEFL games online and/ or with maximum distancing in the classroom. However, with 42 activities to both work out how to use in my … Continue reading

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Teaching Social English Second Edition out now!

Before using my lockdown time to finish off some new books, I thought I’d fix some typos, add some newer worksheets and fix the so-called “invitations roleplays” that turned out to be nothing of the sort in my first book … Continue reading

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New index pages April and May 2020

Some of these are quite small at the moment, but I’m presently writing worksheets and articles for all those which are short at the moment, and will be updating them and/ or this list as often as I can: Starting … Continue reading

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Teaching checking/ clarifying on and for Zoom

Even more than face to face, the classroom language most needed for online classes is definitely checking/ clarifying phrases like “Can you say that one more time (more slowly)?”, “Can you say that another way?”, “Did you say… (or…)?” and … Continue reading

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Grammar practice drawing games

Have just rearranged my list of 77 drawing game PDFs to be more organised by individual topic, and there were enough grammar ones for enough different language points to be worth a post all of their own. Will also expand … Continue reading

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Drawing games on Zoom

As I’m (hopefully) only doing Zoom classes temporarily, number one in my criteria for planning lessons is to do things which are better done online than face to face. As I said in my last post, the things which I’ve … Continue reading

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Useful language for Zoom lessons

After my first week of Zoom lessons, I’m more convinced than ever that students need to be specifically taught Social English (especially small talk and conversational reactions) to be able to communicate smoothly at the beginning and end of lessons … Continue reading

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New Social English articles page

Teaching my first two Zoom lessons yesterday showed me that, as I suspected, students need even more help online than face to face when it comes to smoothly starting and ending conversations, small talk, conversational reactions, etc. Luckily, I’ve written … Continue reading

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