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Know any more active teaching English blogs?

Years after giving up on my blogroll due to the large and rapidly accelerating number of TEFL blogs, I’m having the opposite problem restarting it – the number of dead and dying TEFL blogs is getting in the way of … Continue reading

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How do free online resources compare to TEFL books?

and is that a worthwhile question to ask? My own ambitions go no further than providing something at least as easy to find good stuff from as the Reward Resource Packs, 5 Minute Activities etc that I used to rely on, but … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Textbooks Past

A great new blog “tribute” to amusing old TEFL titles that’s just started with English for Secretaries (1969) here. More promised if we are interested. I am!

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Not really blogging

What is a TEFL blog, and what should it be? Most of them have a blogroll and comment function, but I don’t think they are fundamental. I think the best blogs simply do something that wouldn’t quite fit in a … Continue reading

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Eikaiwa continues to shrink

David English House in Hiroshima, a well respected school run by author and all round booster of professionalism in Nippon David Paul, closed for business on 1 September leaving him personally bankrupt. Sounds like they managed the process well, though, according … Continue reading

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Bloggers who do and don't carry on

I’m sure there are many reasons, but one thing I’ve noticed is that proper writers like Scott Thornbury, Jason Renshaw and Vicky Hollett seem to be able to both sustain their interest and keep up a steady stream of posts. … Continue reading

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Is the TEFL blogging boom over?

Seems so. There is still a trickle of new blogs every week (it used to be more like one every couple of months back in my day), but somehow the energy seems to have gone out of it, and with … Continue reading

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English Droid is back!

My post on this classic and long lost site wasn’t supposed to be a campaign for its return as I thought that Simon Barne had done a Jim Thompson on us and so made it impossible, but the man himself ended up there with … Continue reading

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Guest piece- 2000 Sri Lankan English Teachers Coming to Korea??

by Anontastic “No doubt,  anyone reading the EL Gazette this month may have done a double take when looking at the front page for August 2010 – I know that I did. According to the headlines, Korea plans to recruit … Continue reading

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Man on a mission?

The post on EFL Classroom 2.0- Teacher Talk that really grabbed my attention was the one where David explains his sense of mission. Like positivity in general, coming across a teacher or blogger with a sense of mission can be … Continue reading

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