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Has TEFL International been taken over by ITTT?

It would be big news if it were true, because they are two of the many organisations claiming to be the biggest in some way – ITTT the biggest online provider with 100,000 graduates and TI the biggest face to … Continue reading

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TEFL International and me

I got really tired of people avoiding the issues in my posts on TEFL International by claiming that the number of posts on that organisation proves (on its own) that I have it in for them. So tired was I, in … Continue reading

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Interview with the new ownership/ management of UniTEFL Thailand

I regularly turn down suggestions for TEFL dirt digging because I want to get back to the Past Perfect Continuous games that are my real forte. However, I don’t think I’d ever been offered as much unwanted info on anyone … Continue reading

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Cambridge CELTA and TEFL International – a comparison

Someone has written to me asking for my general opinion of TEFL International, and as there is so much information on this blog that it is hardly manageable I thought I had to repackage it in some way. This comparison … Continue reading

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An odd reaction by a TEFL course to bad publicity

Someone has been posting official (and therefore positive) TEFL International videos on YouTube with the keywords “scam” and “blacklist” all over the them, presumably with the aim of pushing posts which really claim that TEFL International is a scam or should be … Continue reading

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TEFL news roundup 9 Jun 2011

The Guardian are back to their worst TEFL advertorial tricks, only now the TEFL section has disappeared it’s moved to careers. This time possibly tops them all, with their usual advertorial writer from TEFL England (spin off from tacky marketing … Continue reading

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When the CEO of TEFL International promised to change the lies etc that I pointed out on my last blog post on this site of theirs I confidently predicted that they’d only alter the things I mentioned and so I’d … Continue reading

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TEFL International and universities

TEFL International make a big thing of their connections to universities – on their websites, on TEFL forums, and on blogs such as this one. Look at what those connections really are, however, and it starts to seem like mainly, or … Continue reading

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TEFL International Guaranteed Job Placement – Treat with caution

I’ve started researching for the piece I promised on how much (or not) TEFL International have polished up their websites since I pointed out the lies etc on That piece is coming up soon, but there was one topic … Continue reading

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See comments below for the eventual action on this matter. I’ve been meaning to do a piece of TEFL International for ages, but there are so many differing accounts, including on their own multiple sites and those of their many … Continue reading

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