Longer requests phrases card game

Teacher’s instructions

  1. Photocopy and cut up one pack of the cards for each group of two to four students. Keep one intact copy to act as an answer key.
  2. Give out just the ending and beginning phrases (not the ones in bold in the middle) for the students to match up to make the basic sentences. This is probably easier if they spread them all across the table first. Some might match with more than one card, but there is only one way to match them all up.
  3. Perhaps after asking them to brainstorm phrases which could go between the starting and ending cards to make longer requests, give them the middle cards to add to the correct places.
  4. Get the students to check their answers with the intact copy of the cards or check answers as a class.


Variation/ Extension: The students can also use these cards for a speaking activity. Each group deals out just the middle cards. The students must use phrases which include the words on their cards during rolep1lay practice of requests in order to be able to discard them; the person with fewest cards when the teacher stops the game is the winner. They don’t have to use exactly the same phrases as those on the intact worksheet, but each phrase used during the activity must be different.


Cards to cut up/ Suggested answers


Could you possibly/ by any chance  lend me your dictionary?
I’d be  very/ extremely grateful if you could help me with this.
Have you  by any chance got a screwdriver that I could borrow?
Are you  any good at working out how to use new software?
It would really help  me if you could tell me his name.
I heard  a rumour that you know all about Photoshop.
I need  some help with next weekend’s conference.
Thank you  in advance  for any help you can give me with this project.
If you can help  I promise I’ll do the same for you some day.
John said that you are  probably the best person to ask about translating this document.
Do you think you could  find the time to photocopy these for me?



If you’re not  too busy, can you proofread this for me?
Any help  at all with this matter would be gratefully accepted.
Your assistance with this would be  very much appreciated.
I’d like to  officially request access to the evidence.
You don’t have an electronic dictionary  that I can borrow , do you?
There’s something  I think you can help me with.
This is  a bit cheeky, I know, but can you iron my shirt while you’re there?
You don’t mind washing my car  for me , do you?


PDF for easy saving and printing:Longer requests phrases card game

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