Friends Series 6 Episode 2 Cambridge Proficiency gapfill

In the previous episode, Ross and Rachel got married whilst drunk in Las Vegas. Chandler and Monica nearly got married too but backed out. Instead, they’ve decided to move in together. Work together to try and predict what happens to these characters and the two who didn’t even think about marrying (Phoebe and Joey) in this episode.  


Without thinking about the gaps yet, read through the following dialogue from the episode and see if it changes your mind about what happens.

Ask your teacher about any of the words in bold that you don’t understand.

Work together to try to put one word into each of the gaps below, then check your answers as you watch the episode.

You didn’t ________ the annulment?

I don’t want my tombstone to ______, Ross Geller- three divorces

Mine _____ gonna say Phoebe Buffet, buried alive.

So, I _____ have it all worked out.

Can I get ____ gumball machine?

We’ve just ______ to get it over with.

______ minute Monica and I break up

Oh, _____ am I kidding? He’s the best roommate ever!

My little sister and my ________ friend, shacking up.

Would you _______ lay off, please?

I’ll be _______ the bottom of the dating barrel.

You really think you’re  __________ progress at work and then…

Yer, we ______ work on that.

Because you seem _______ little creepy.

They’re  _______ yummy!

When we told Joey he cried his eyes _________.

Is this the same Rachel _______ name you said at the altar in the second marriage?

There are a _______ of forms to fill out.

To testify that you were not of _________ mind.

________ point in dragging it out.

I don’t think 6 years _______ as an era.

Don’t _______ mad at me!

You _________ going to get married at Vegas and then you backed out.

Do you _________ you and I should hook up?

But then we ditch _______ two.

We have words ______ I kill him.


Friends Series 6 Episode 2

Mixed-up Answers

seem                                                            yummy                                            dragging

blinking                                           counts                                                           at

get                                                                 say                                                                wouldn’t

machine                                                       out                                                                 gonna

on                                                                  progress                                                       mind

out                                                                 out                                                                 up

altar                                                               out                                                                 cute

over                                                               ‘d                                                                   at

up                                                                  who                                                               shacking

can                                                                those                                                             have


PDF for easy saving and printing: Friends Video- S6 E2

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