Predict the year game (will for future predictions)

Choose one of the sentences below and secretly write what year you think it will happen. Read out the sentence to your partner, and they can make one guess what year you have written down. If they are incorrect, tell them something else you think will happen in that year, either from the list below or from your imagination or knowledge. Continue with one hint and then one guess until your partner guesses the year. Does your partner agree with your predictions?

The first man will land on Mars in ______________________________

The Americans will elect a female president in ______________________________

A female president/ prime minister will be elected in my country in ______________________________

The first baby will be born on the moon in ______________________________

Toyota will launch a flying car in ______________________________

Toyota will launch a car that uses no petrol or diesel in ______________________________

Toyota will launch a car with an iris scanner instead of a key in ______________________________

The last whale will disappear from the seas in ______________________________

The first human clone will be born in ______________________________

I will buy a house/ another house in ______________________________

I will be interviewed on TV in ______________________________.

I will die of old age in ______________________________.

50% of the people in my country will be over 65 years old in ______________________________.

The first 70 year old mother will have a baby in ______________________________.

I will save my first million dollars in ______________________________.

The first national 3D only TV channel will be launched in ______________________________.

50% of the world’s population will be internet users in ______________________________.

I will get divorced/ divorced again in ______________________________.

My country will split into two different countries in ______________________________.

I will next have a telephone conversation in a foreign language without feeling nervous in ______________________________.

More than 50% of homes in my country will have a robot in ______________________________.

China will have the world’s biggest economy in ______________________________.

People will totally stop using cash in my country in ______________________________.

Sony will launch a paper-thin TV in ______________________________.

I will have my first/ next child in ______________________________.

Choose one of the sentences and say if you think it will/ might/ won’t happen and why, without saying which sentence you are describing. Can your partner guess which sentence you are talking about? Do they agree?

Which things above do you think definitely won’t happen at any time in the future?

Which things do you think definitely will happen?

Which things do you think might happen?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Predict the year game

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