British and American language and culture games, worksheets and blog posts

Updated 29 December 2016

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Articles on UK and USA differences for EFL learners

Differences between British and American phone calls – NEW

Differences between British and American emails

EFL games/ worksheets on UK and USA

How British is your academic English? extended version

How British is your English? (with different relative pronouns for defining relative clauses)

How British is your Financial English? (ditto)

How British is your Academic English?

Giving directions in British and American English

Britain or America? business and social manners

British or American business etiquette modals

EFL games/ worksheets including USA and UK

Relative clauses Slang Call My Bluff (also including Australian English)

Passives Guess the country game (with a whole bunch of other countries)

Guess the country from the companies etc (ditto)

Blog posts on British and American English

My problems with American English (guest post on Vicki Hollett’s blog)

Surprising things about British and American English

What I just learnt about American English

British English which is not worth teaching

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