Meetings on the topic of travel

Market Leader Elementary Unit 4, with travel collocations

Do roleplay number 1 below, using the vocabulary on the right hand side if you need to and your teacher tells you that you can. Roleplay the whole of a short meeting, from meeting each other to saying goodbye.  

Do the same for some of the other meetings below, either choosing ones you want to practise or choosing numbers at random, as your teacher tells you.

Topic of the meeting Possibly useful vocabulary
1 You want to cut the cost of staff business trips. twin room , economy class, budget airline, online booking, night bus

You want to cut staff commuting times.

city centre, shuttle bus

3 You have to pay for staff commuting fees and so want to cut the cost.

car sharing, season ticket

4 Staff complain about how much time they spend on business trips airport meeting room, teleconferencing, video conferencing, direct flight
5 You are the management of a hotel. You want to cut costs. doorman/ concierge, bellboy/ porter, receptionist, minibar, credit card,
6 Staff complain about one particular destination for business trips.
7 Staff complain that some people often have trips to the most desirable locations.
8 You are the management of a hotel. You want to move the hotel upmarket. doorman, bellboy/ porter, receptionist, minibar, pool, late checkout,
9 You are the management of a hotel. You want to increase the income per guest. wifi, minibar, late checkout, charge for changes, pool, credit card, refund
10 Staff find it difficult to access email while they are travelling.


11 You are bosses of a station management company. You want to boost income.

sales on platforms, vending machine

12 You are directors of a rail company. You want to increase passenger numbers.

discount for return ticket

13 You are the top management of an airport. You want to increase profits. duty free shopping, business lounge, airport hotel
14 You are the management of an airline. You want to increase profits. online check in, in-flight meal/ entertainment, charge for (hand) luggage, reusable boarding pass,
15 You are responsible for the running of an airline. You are having problems with “oversized” passengers. leg room, fasten seatbelts, first class, business class, premium economy class
16 You run an airport. You want to increase the maximum number of passengers. security, passport control, customs, self- service, check in, final call, baggage reclaim, delay, runway, terminal building
17 You are the board of a fleet of taxis. You want to make them more used by tourists.

credit card

18 You are in charge of a fleet of taxis. You want to make them more up to date.

hybrid, credit card, receipt

Note for teachers: You can cut up the worksheet and/ or fold the useful language behind the roleplays cards if you like. 


Travel vocabulary collocations 

Without looking on the right hand side for now, brainstorm endings/ continuations of the expressions on the left, all of them connected to travel.


twin                                                                                                                                     airline

economy                                                                                                                            sharing

budget                                                                                                                  room

online                                                                                                                                  booking

night                                                                                                                                    bus

city                                                                                                                                      bus

shuttle                                                                                                                                 centre

car                                                                                                                                       class

season                                                                                                                 flight

video                                                                                                                                   checkout

direct                                                                                                                                  ticket

door                                                                                                                                    boy

bell                                                                                                                                      man

mini                                                                                                                                     bar

late                                                                                                                                      conferencing

return                                                                                                                                  ticket

duty                                                                                                                                     free

business                                                                                                                             reclaim

check                                                                                                                                  pass

in-flight                                                                                                                  entertainment

hand                                                                                                                                    luggage

boarding                                                                                                                             in

leg                                                                                                                                       call

fasten                                                                                                                                  control

passport                                                                                                                             seatbelts

final                                                                                                                                     room

baggage                                                                                                                           lounge

terminal                                                                                                                             building

Match up the words above to make vocabulary related to travel. They are divided into three sections. 

Look above to help check your answers.

What language can you use for starting and ending meetings?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Meetings on the topic of travel

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